Bluestone Currency: Your Go-to Middleman

Bluestone Currency: Your Go-to Middleman

Several people are unaware of the exorbitant fees charged by banks when sending money overseas. With charges including substantial sending, receiving, and sometimes, handling fees. Unquestionably, there is always an unfavourable exchange rate enforced upon you by the bank. Fortunately, Bluestone Currency can help people save substantially when it comes to currency exchange. Below, is a simple currency exchange breakdown explaining how the whole fiduciary process has evolved and how an online currency broker can help you.

1. In the Beginning

Trading happened directly between people, where if you gave something you had, you got something back of equal value.

2. Along Came Money

As things progressed and got bigger, it got harder to find someone that had what you wanted and wanted what you had. Money became a medium of exchange, helping restructure the financial scene significantly.

3. The First Middlemen

As things started to expand, you weren’t always near someone that had the things you needed. In due course, the inception of the banking sector crept in, and slowly but surely, it took the world by storm and in the process, such organisations made sure to take their generous slice of the profitable share. This was done through an underhanded tactic when offering the standard ‘Commission Free’ for currency exchange.

4. A Global Expansion

Gradually, banks budded across the globe, expanding everywhere. They were useful, because they bridged the gap between the people and the things they wanted. By and large, they earned their money.

5. The Rise of the Internet

The internet changed the way people viewed the world forever. Suddenly, people were all connected again: things were cheaper when bought directly from the seller, over the internet.

6. The Global Village

Eventually, people even started trading directly with one another and peer-to-peer was born, however it was not fool proof and there were many grey areas when it came to be adherent to regulatory compliance guidelines.

7. Bluestone Currency

Enter Bluestone Currency: a company where clients receive market leading services and solutions. With Exchange rates of up to 5% better than those offered by major banks, if you are looking for proactive advice on hedging and risk management, Bluestone Currency is your obvious choice. We even offer complimentary currency market updates.

All our traders are trained and experienced. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you obtain the best available exchange rate, contact us. Let us be your go-to middleman today!

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